Scientists have succeeded in creating a quantum chip for continuous-variable quantum key distribution

Scientists have succeeded in creating a quantum chip for continuous-variable quantum key distribution

Roughly about 3mm in size, the new chip can improve communication security by using quantum communication algorithms.

As digital technologies are expanding in today's world, maintaining data security has become increasingly important. Although most digital platforms and databases use a variety of passwords to maintain data security, the methods used are classical and can be decrypted. So we need to use quantum communication to keep information secure. In fact, most of today's leading security standards in secure communications do not use quantum technology.

Quantum communication generates randomized strings of codes that can only be opened by the intended recipient with the correct key in order to encrypt information. So there is no need to transfer passwords that are done in current communications. Quantum technology ensures that key distribution is secure and prevents any tampering to the key. Quantum key distribution is a communication technology that promises unconditional communication security. Cost-effective and efficient QKDs are essential for the development of quantum communication networks.

By integrating all optical components on a silicon photonic chip, Singapore researchers now realize a cost-effective, miniaturized system for continuous-variable QKD called CV-QKD, which is compatible with the existing fiber optical communication infrastructure. The chip has the capability of generating a secret key of 0.14 kbps over a simulated distance of 100 km in fiber, providing new capabilities for portable and scalable quantum networks.

This tiny chip improves security by producing a secure quantum key. The small size of this chip makes it possible to use it on small devices such as smartphones.
This new chip is cost-effective because it uses standard industry materials such as silicon. This research will lead to the development of next-generation telecommunications devices and improve digital services.
Source: nature

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