Researchers control quantum states in conventional electronics

Researchers control quantum states in conventional electronics

Scientists have succeeded in taming qubits in today's electronics industry.

At present, quantum communication is considered to be the main candidate for the next generation of communications, but the development of the platform needed to implement this technology is challenging. Now, scientists at the University of Chicago have made remarkable progress: they have succeeded in creating a coexistence between quantum technology and traditional electronics. In fact, they have been able to control the quantum states embedded in conventional electronics.

This research is divided into two parts: In the first part, published in the Science Advances, the researchers show that quantum states can be controlled by conventional electronics made of silicon carbide. Therefore, for the development of quantum technologies, there is no need to prepare strange quantum systems.The second part of the research, published in Science, deals with the problem of noise. In fact, the noise at the quantum level is due to impurities in the material. Scientists have been able to eliminate noise from a quantum signal with one of the fundamental components of electronics, the diode.

Such discoveries, by providing the necessary platform, will lead to the rapid development of quantum technologies and pave the way for their growth.

Source: science and scienceadvances
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