Support the thesis

ICQTs supports student theses related to the following axes in order to develop quantum technologies in the country:
Research Areas:
Quantum Communication:
Development of quantum cryptographic protocols
Hearing prevention methods
Quantum entangled modes (motion size, etc.)
Quantum repeaters
Quantum Memory
Single photon detectors
Single photon sources
Manufacturers of quantum random numbers
Types of Quantum Optics Layout
Computer simulations of quantum cryptography
Experiments under SPDC
Systems for the production of small intertwined modes
Optical or electronic processing of quantum signals
Measuring different quantum states
Quantum superconductivity
Quantum state transfer
Quantum Satellite
Quantum Sensors and Measurements:
Optomechanical cavities
Quantum data processing
Gravitational sensors with navigation application Underground resource exploration
Quantum Imaging Sensors
Quantum clocks
Ion cooling and trapping
Biosensors Sensors related to quantum technologies
Quantum Magnetic Sensors
Quantum Biology:
Development of high-efficiency solar cells with an approach to the principles of quantum mechanics
Studying the Neural Communications of the Human Brain Using the Principles of Quantum Mechanics
Development of quantum networks in artificial intelligence using the principles of quantum mechanics in biological systems
Design of quantum intelligent systems on the fly
Design and simulation of biomaterials using quantum concepts and models
Developing cognitive science models using the principles of quantum mechanics
Design of optical, industrial and diagnostic equipment inspired by biological systems
Quantum Simulation:
Modeling and Prediction of Emerging Materials
Feasibility of developing multi-scale simulation codes
Development of multi-scale simulation codes
Quantum Computing:
Quantum Algorithms
Deep learning
Implementation of single qubits
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