Quantum Fields

Quantum Sensors

Today, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to control single atomic quantum states and these quantum controlled states can be used as quantum sensors. With the help of quantum technology, sensors of the size of an atom can be provided for very precise measurements, away from interference from magnetic and electric fields.

The properties of this sensor derive from the non-classical properties of light (quantum optics) and quantum entanglement. Non-classical optical modes have enabled ultra-high resolution imaging techniques that are widely used in new sensor technology.

Quantum atomic clocks are one of the sensors in quantum technology that uses the frequency of electron transitions in the microwave, visible and ultraviolet regions in the electromagnetic spectrum of atoms as the standard frequency for timing. In the past decades, using the laser cooling process, the temperature was lowered to about microcalvin to eliminate the effects of atoms movement, which has reached an accuracy of about one second over the life of the universe. Atomic clocks will be used in the next generation of exploration satellites, high speed internet, space telecommunications, stock markets and GPS.

Rotary sensors are used to control drones, stabilize the shooting, accurately determine the location of the Earth's poles. They are also used to detect flow charge in microelectronic and nanoelectronic circuits, imaging intracellular and extracellular activity in biological structures, nondestructive monitoring of brain activity, and magnetic sensors.

They also measure the gravitational field using gravitational sensors. The presence of the smallest mass changes the gravitational field. With the help of quantum technology, it is possible to increase the ability, sensitivity and noise resistance of gravitational sensors and also to reduce their size. In gravitational quantum sensors, the atomic interferometers of the atoms are cooled using Raman induced transitions. Applications of these sensors include groundwater pipes and tanks, underground oil and gas tanks and landmines and mines, meteorology, inlet and outlet controls, and gate protection.

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