about us

Given the increasing role of the development of new and advanced technologies in the economic, social and political development of countries, timely and appropriate decision-making is of great importance today in prioritizing technological investments. Therefore, as one of the pioneers of the development of new and strategic technologies at the national level, Iran's Atomic Energy Organization has put the development of quantum technologies on its agenda. To this end, since the establishment of the Specialized Quantum Technologies Task Force since 1995, important activities such as developing a quantum technology development document in the country, conducting training courses and conferences, publishing books and articles, establishing a laboratory infrastructure and establishing a laboratory National Quantum Technology is planning and implementing research projects and creating a specialized website. The main goals of the center are to promote the development of quantum sciences and technologies in five areas:
1- Secure quantum communications
2- Quantum sensors and measurements
3- Quantum Computing
4- Quantum simulations
5- Quantum Biology
And developing the necessary infrastructure by establishing laboratory infrastructure and establishing the National Laboratory of Quantum Technologies, as well as supporting research projects by researchers and student dissertations in this field.